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Why Sectional Doors?

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Sectional Garage Doors are the modern solution to domestic safety and security for homeowners. Halcon Doors are the sole distributors in Ireland for Teckentrup range of sectional garage doors.  We providing a convenient solution with the a range of designs and fittings to cater for all property types. Why customers use Halcon Teckentrup sectional garage doors:

  • Ease of Use – Sectional garage doors are easier to operate than conventional and traditional door systems, particularly for automation. Automatic drives operate quietly and smoothly, with family friendly safety cut-off. The drives are tamper proof with fitting options for remote control operation.
  • Simple Operation – The garage door panel is divided into sections, comprising of separate horizontal hinged panels which travel on multiple rollers within a track. When opening the door, the hinged panels rise upwards through a tight curve, finishing neatly in the ceiling space parallel to the garage floor.
  • Space – the sectional garage door travels through a track with a tight curve at the overhead point. This allows you additional space to park at the door, Also, the tight track system enables you to use the interior wall and floor storage of your garage right up to the door opening. Traditional and conventional doors require vehicles to be parked at a distance from the door to allow for opening and closing, with ‘up and over’ doors prohibiting interior storage space with its open and close arc.
  • Access Width – Halcon Teckentrup sectional garage door systems do not need a door frame, allowing you enjoy additional drive through width when parking and exiting your garage.
  • Safety – Sectional garage doors are family friendly with interior and exterior finger pinch protection. The springing system operates high up on the tracking mechanism and automatic drives are tamper proof with built in safety cut-off.
  • Security – Halcon Teckentrup Doors Sectional garage doors are rigid and strong. They are available in 20mm and 40mm thick double-skinned steel panels with a rigid inner eco-friendly insulating foam. Along with the tight roller track system which keeps the door flush with the frame surround, you enjoy the high quality security solution for domestic garage doors.
  • Environment – The eco-friendly inner insulating foam in the steel panels make sectional garage doors wind, weather and soundproof. This provides you with additional energy saving options, particularly where your garage has interior access to your home.
  • Choice – Halcon Teckentrup Sectional steel garage doors provide you with a comprehensive range of design combinations, with optional panel thickness of 20mm and 40mm, enabling you to create a door unique to your home. You can choose from a range of designs, styles, surfaces and finishes to suit your personal taste and add value to your home.
  • Local Installation – Halcon garage door installers are specialists in sectional garage doors. You can avail of a FREE no obligation survey before you order. You then receive a personal dedicated delivery and installation service wherever you are located in Ireland. Our after sales support team are available to you once your new sectional garage door is in place.

The Halcon Warranty combined with our partners’ innovations ensure that your sectional garage doors bring you reliability and long service life, making this key investment worthwhile for you and your home. Contact our Garage Door Sales Team today for further information on our complete product range.


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