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40mm Insulated Door


Product Overview

Halcon Teckentrup garage doors are manufactured with 40mm thick panels, constructed with an outer and inner steel skin separated by an eco-friendly foamed inner core. This fabrication process gives your domestic garage doors rigidity and strength, which enhances its security and environmental features.

The strength of Halcon Teckentrup garage doors is supported by its track and lifting gear system. Halcon Teckentrup doors operate in connected panel sections. Each panel has at least 10 rollers which hold it firmly within the track system when the door is locked securely behind the 2 point manual locking mechanism.

All Halcon Teckentrup sectional doors have 40mm thick panels, constructed of an outer and inner steel skin separated by an eco-friendly foam inner core make these doors wind, weather and soundproof. In addition, central, side and floor seals augment the weather and soundproofing qualities of the Halcon Teckentrup doors.

Automation is a simple customisation for your domestic garage doors with a CarTeck electric system complete with remote control. The electric drive with remote control allows you to open and close your garage doors from the comfort of your car. Standard delivery is with a 2-channel handheld remote transmitter “D 323” which can be powered via your car cigarette lighter. A wireless indoor remote, with simple installation and no cables, can also be used along with the key-operated switch C-314

All Halcon Teckentrup sectional doors come with TUV Nord GS Certification for product safety compliance and TTZ guideline for security performance of garage doors against intruders.

Safety and security features include:


  1. Secure break-in protection

An electronic push-open security device stops unwanted visitors.

  1. Multiple Spring and Cable System

This system employs multiple springs on both sides of the runner rail which compensates for the weight of the garage door. This system is supported by double suspension cables on each side to provide added safety which ensures that the door leaf does not fall yet can still be opened and closed should a cable or spring break.

  1. Security Option

External release mechanism fixed to your Halcon Teckentrup garage door which is discretely hidden from sight behind the door’s logo in the top left hand side of the door.

  1. Personal Safety

Standard patented finger pinch protection against injuries is part of the inside of all Halcon Teckentrup sectional doors. Flush fittings between the frame and guide rail at the side of the door prevents hands from being accidentally caught.

  1. Family Safety Option

Optional photocell S-630 with a simple clip assembly, as part of installation or retrofitting. A simple light beam halts the operation of the door immediately if the beam is broken, providing additional safety for all your family. While the door is closed, the transmitter and receiver are not visible, and thus protected against damage.

Optional extras

Halcon Teckentrup sectional doors feature a series of optional extras for your garage, including:

  1. Window and glazing options

There are 3 different window styles to choose from

  1. Emergency Release

This enables you to open electric garage doors in the event of a power failure.

  1. Frame Dressing Kits

The Halcon Teckentrup system enables you to hide the door frame using a Frame Dressing Kit which can be colour matched to suit garage and home.

Door Styles


Door Finish

Window & Glazing


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